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BBM for Android and
iPhone is here for free

BBM™ is the best way to connect and share instant messages, pictures and more for free, in real time. Download the app today.

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BBM on Blackberry

Connect in an instant

Send and receive messages in seconds, chat one-to-one or let everybody know together - BBM™ lets you communicate the way you want.

BBM with Channels

Connect to people and passions

BBM Channels is a forum for active, real conversations happening right now between people, brands and communities.

By creating a Channel, you can start conversations sparked by your thoughts, ideas and passions3

Subscribing to Channels lets you join conversations with others who share your interests.

BBM support

Get tips, troubleshooting resources and help from the BBM community.

Download BBM

Make sure you have access to the newest features in BBM by updating to the latest version.

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    For BBM Voice calls, both parties require a BlackBerry® 5 OS or higher or BlackBerry 10 smartphone, a data plan that supports BlackBerry services and a Wi-Fi connection.

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    Compatible BlackBerry 10 devices, Wi-Fi, 4G or HSPA+ connection required.

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    BBM Voice, BBM Video & BBM Channels are currently available on BlackBerry smartphones only. Coming soon to iPhone & Android.

Screen image simulated. Data plan or Wi-Fi® required. Please check with your carrier for costs and restrictions. Android 4.0 and iOS 6 or higher is required. Tablet devices not supported. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.